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Dr. Fjorda Tuka


1997-2001 “Dhaskal Todri” High School, Elbasan, Albania. Graduated with an average grade of 10.

2001-2007 University of Tirana, Faculty of medicine, 6 years training. Graduated with an average grade of 9.

March 2006 Participation in a training course, about the diagnosis and treatment in some of the most common cases in internal medicine.

May 2008 Participation in a 14 hours, training course in internal medicine organized by ABC Albanian Health Fund in collaboration with PRIME International, FMEI (Family Medicine Education International) and the Department of Internal Medicine.

March 2011-April 2015 Specialized in Diagnostic Imaging at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, Tirana, Albania

10th to 13th October 2011 Participation in the third Montescano EFIC school for neurological diagnosis in chronic pain, which was held in Montescano (Pavia, Italy).

1st to 6th September 2013 Participation in EFIC Pain School Klagenfurt 2013 Medical Chamber of Carinthia, Division Pain and Palliative Care

June 2014 Participation in “Oncologic Imaging Course” held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

September 2014 Participation in the conference “MRI in oncology- The evolution” held in Novara, Italy.

May 16th 2015 Certificate of attendance at online “Emergency Radiology course”, held in Melbourne.

8-14 November 2015 Participation in Diagnostic Imaging Seminars held by Open Medical School Institute in Salzburg, Austria.


Since April 2015 (ongoing) Working as a radiologist at the Emergency Radiology Service at UHC “Mother Teresa”, Tirana, Albania.

September 2007- Septmeber 2008 I have worked as a volunteer in the Emergency Department at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, Tirana, Albania where I have assisted doctors during the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

May 2008 – March 2011 I have worked in the pain clinic Galenus in Tirana, Albania, as a general physician, part of e multidisciplinary team with the duty of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute and chronic pain and the rehabilitation of patients with chronic pain. I have also assisted in Epidural procedures performed under CT-guidance for the treatment of patients with chronic pain.

February 2009-May 2009 Worked in Access Project (family planning initiative of medical personnel), sponsored by USAID Albania.

Responsibilities: Interviewer in the last study of this project (endline survey) with the purpose to evaluate the impact of the project in the health education of girls/women received near the Family Planning Unit.

Presentations and articles:

March 2015, European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria: Co-author and presenter of a scientific poster entitled “Percutaneous treatment in malignant biliary obstruction: a prospective study. Authors: A. Rroji, E. Enesi, F. Bilaj, F. Tuka, S. Butorac

Co-author of a scientific poster entitled: “Congenital anomalies of inferior vena cava and left renal vein: a retrospective study. Authors: M. Tanka, N. Leka, M. Ikonomi, S. Butorac,F. Tuka, E. Rapushi, B. Bega, S. Qamirani.

June 2015, ESPR 2015 – 52nd Annual Meeting and 38th Post Graduate Course, Graz, Austria: Co-author and oral presenter of a case report entitled: Circumaortic right renal vein with multiple vascular anomalies- A rare presentation. Authors: M. Tanka, F. Tuka, S. Butorac, S. Buba, J. Seiti, E. Abazaj.

Co-author of a case report entitled: An unusual case of isolated Rhombencephalosynapsis. Authors: F. Tuka , E. Enesi, F. Bilaj, A. Rroji, L. Cuko, E. Rapushi

Co-author of a case report entitled: Galen vein aneurysm malformation: A rare case report with. succesful endovascular treatment. Authors: E. Enesi, F. Bilaj, S. Butorac,F. Tuka, A. Rroji.

Co-author of an educational poster entitled: Double aortic arch: Imaging findings and work up. Authors: R. Osmenaj, A. Veshti, F. Tuka, S. Butorac, N. Kuneshka Maliqari, M. Tanka, D. Cela, I. Kasmi, S. Borici, J. Seiti.

June 2013, 50th Anniversary Congress and 36th Postgraduate Course of the European Society of Pediatric Radiology, Budapest, Hungary: Co-author and oral presenter of a scientific poster entitled “The Importance of Ultrasound in the evaluation of Nephrocalcinosis in Neonates and Young Children”. Authors: B. Hidri, D. Shtiza, F. Tuka, S. Butorac, D. Qirinxhi.

Albanian Medical Journal 2014;3: Co-author in an article entitled “ Percutaneous plastic stent placement in malignant biliary obstruction “. Authors: A. Rroji, E. Enesi,F. Bilaj, E. Celiku, F. Tuka,B. Gega, S. Saraci Butorac

Albanian Medical Journal 2013;4: Co-author in an article entitled “Comparison of CTA 6-rows detector VS DSA and 3DRA in intracranial aneurism diagnosis”. Authors: Arben Rroji, Eugen Enesi, Iva Rudi, Fjorda Tuka, Sonja Saraçi Butorac, Gjergji Vreto.

April 2013: 9th National Pain Conference, Tirana, Albania: Oral Presenter of a presentation entitled “The assessment of pain” in collaboration with Pain school in low resource settings supported by IASP, PAIN OUT, NeuPSIG and German pain society. Authors: F. Tuka, R. Zaslansky.

October 2013, National Conference of Radiology, Tirana, Albania:

Co-author in four presentations entitled respectively: Mechanical thrombectomy: Initial experience in treating acute ischemic stroke. Authors: Gj. Vreto, A. Rroji, E. Enesi, S. Saraci, F. Tuka.

The diagnosis of breast pathologies with MRI”- Authors: M. Tanka, A. Hoxha, R. Hasa, E. Tako, Sh. Cela, F. Tuka

Inflamatory pseudotumor of lung in children- a case report”- Authors: M. Tanka, S. Borici, F. Tuka, B. Hidri, S. Qamirani, N. Leka, Gj. Vreto.

Non traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage: Authors: A. Rroji, E. Enesi, I. Rudi, F. Tuka, S. Saraci, Gj. Vreto.

November 2014: National Conference of Radiology, Tirana, Albania:

Co-author in two presentations entitled respectively: Parasitic leiomyoma- Imaging findings- Authors: M. Tanka, M. Buba, S. Saraci, F. Tuka, P. Diamanti, E. Rapushi.

Imaging of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of ileocecal region in children- Authors: M. Tanka, S. Buba, F. Tuka, S. Saraci (Butorac), E. Abazaj, E. Rapushi.

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