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Dr. Leart Bërdica

1989-1993 Secondary school, “Jordan Misja”, Shkoder, Albania.
1994-2000 Diploma of General Medicine, Facolty of Medicine, University of Tirana, Albania
Education Post-diploma
Period Education profile, Duration, Istitution
2003-2007 School of Specialisation in Patology, 4 years, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tirana, Albania
2003-2004 Master in Pathology of prostate, faculty of medicine ,university of Tirana.
2006- 2013 Doctorature in Carcinoma of the prostate in Albania, years,
University of Tirana, Albania.
02.2001-10.2001 Training course of 8 months in Hysto e Cytopatology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bari, Italy
11.2006- untill now Studies of non tumoral Nefropathology included in the proget of INTERREG III( cooperation Albania-Italia)
15.10.12-25.12.12 Work experience in Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea.
Professional experiencies
01.09.2000-15.12.2000 General practitioner, Sanitary Service Shkoder, Albania
15.12.00 – now Pathologist and full time pedagogue, in the Catedra and Service of Pathologic Anatomy, faculty of medicine of Tirana, Central University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” of Tirana, Albania.
2002- now Consultant pathologist, Regional Hospital of Shkoder, Albania.
2008- 2014
2011- now
2016 Pathologist in the American Hospital of Tirana.
Head of pathology department of American Hospital.
Vice president of the Albanian Society of Pathology
Vice president of IMCA 2016
Didactic experiences and publications
2000-still now Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania
2003-2011 Pathology, Faculty of Nursery, University of Shkoder, Albania
2006- now Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Catolic University of Tirana,Albania
2002- now
Different pathologic themes in local and national and international medical conferences, some national publications as first author and coauthor in matter like the pathology of prostate, pathology of thyroid,pathology of urinary bladder, pathology of Cervix uteri, Primary Lymphoma of the Liver, Carcinosarcoma of the duodenum, Extradural PNET, Lung cancer in Albania, Extranodal Rosai Dorfman Disease cutaneous form, Primary Lymphoma of the liver, Angiosarcoma of the thyroid, Primary breast lymphoma, Primary gastric carcinoma, Kassabah Merrit Syndrome, Leiomyosarcoma of the prostate, Lung Cancer in Albania, IHC in thyroid cancer, IHC in Melanoma, Prostate Cancer in Albania during 12 years.
1. Atlas patologjie coauthor.
2. Patologjia per Infermierine first author.
3. Bazat e patologjise coauthor.
4. Bazat patologjike te semundjeve recesent.
6. Actual interests
Lung pathology and Hematopathology
7. Knowledge of Foreign languages

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